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A Day to Remember

On the 17th of November, the halls of Fundació Els Joncs were filled not only with the usual hustle and bustle but with the spirit of volunteerism, as 1st ESO students gathered for a day of heartwarming experiences. This significant date marked a day where students from diverse backgrounds united for a meaningful volunteering activity, creating lasting memories in the process.


Photo altogether

The activity consists on an examination of the birds nests. We met in the Pond of Sils  with some members of  the association and they explained to us what we would do and showed us the material that we would use. After a lot of research, when we found a nest, we needed to wait for  ten minutes to check  if there was  any movement of the  birds in the nests or not. If there was not any, we had to take the nests down from the tree by a long pole. After that we emptied them from the things that were inside.


The day kicked off with an engaging hour of group activities, setting the stage for a day filled with laughter, shared experiences, and newfound connections. As the morning unfolded, students dined on a delightful breakfast, an opportunity for them to connect with their peers from both Bell-lloc and Joncs, showcasing the inclusive spirit of the day.

Volunteering took center stage as students actively participated in a variety of activities designed to engage and uplift. From collaborative cooking adventures to woodworking workshops and creative crafting sessions, each moment was not just about learning but also about creating an inclusive environment for everyone involved.

Fundació Els Joncs, a school dedicated to individuals with intellectual disabilities, provided the perfect backdrop for this volunteering endeavor. The students’ genuine enthusiasm and commitment to making a positive impact were evident in every interaction, demonstrating the power of education beyond traditional boundaries.

Captured in the vibrant photos accompanying this article are snapshots of joy, focus, and genuine camaraderie, showcasing the beauty of inclusive volunteering. The images tell a story of a day well spent, where differences were celebrated, connections were formed, and the true essence of volunteering shone through.

As the day concluded, a sense of accomplishment and unity lingered among the students. The memories created on this special November day at Fundació Els Joncs transcend the ordinary; they embody the transformative power of volunteering, collaborative learning, and the beauty of fostering connections that go beyond the classroom.

Clay workshop


November 17th marked a remarkable day at Fundació Els Joncs, where 1st ESO students engaged in a heartwarming volunteering activity. Through a blend of collaborative learning, laughter, and inclusive initiatives, students from Bell-lloc and Joncs bridged gaps, creating enduring bonds. The day, captured in vibrant photos, epitomizes the transformative power of volunteering, celebrating differences, fostering connections, and emphasizing the beauty of inclusive education. Beyond the ordinary, this day was a canvas painted with the colors of shared experiences, leaving indelible imprints of joy and unity.


On the 17th October 2023 our Erasmus team went to a volunteering activity on Pond of Sils with the non-profit  association Emys Foundation.

So our  main purpose was to help the association clean the bird’s nests.


The activity consists on an examination of the birds nests. We met in the Pond of Sils  with some members of  the association and they explained to us what we would do and showed us the material that we would use. After a lot of research, when we found a nest, we needed to wait for  ten minutes to check  if there was  any movement of the  birds in the nests or not. If there was not any, we had to take the nests down from the tree by a long pole. After that we emptied them from the things that were inside.


We found feathers and some broken  eggs, so we put them in a plastic bag, so  that way the association could examine them. Then we cleaned with a natural disinfectant the boxes. Finally we raised  them again on the tree. During all the activity we reported some information on a reference paper about the condition, the position (latitude and longitude) and the code of the nest to recognize it.




We think that the activity had advantages and disadvantages  like it usually happens.

The activity was a great opportunity for us, but we wish  it had more energy, so that way we could be more active.

On one hand, it was funny because we were doing something that helped endangered species and different kinds of birds to have a better and cleaner place to live in. But, on the other hand,  the activity was a little bit difficult. We had a lot of difficulties, because we were under the sun for hours!


The activity was teamwork, so we had a great time cooperating with each other. Our group had fun with the research of birds in the wooden  boxes and watching  if there were any birds in them.


Overall, it was a very fun and a great learning experience, despite a few times where fortune was certainly unfavourable to us, though it all ended up paying off with the last nestbox. The teamwork and cooperation were delightful, which means the time passed very quickly.

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Students Diaries Platform-Bell-Lloc



“Supporting the eldery” (Germanetes dels Pobres)

“Food donation” (Bancs dels Aliments)

“Giving hot chocolate to those who need” (Xocolata Solidària)


“Reeds” (Joncs)

“Volunteering actions in Cameroon” (Camerún, Àfrica)

“Empowering Individuals: Astrid 21’s Disability Support” (Astrid 21)


This activity is very important as it provides learning opportunities that will be useful for the future, like seeing some things that maybe will change the point of view of our lives. I recommend that other companies and schools collaborate in these solidarity activities because I’m confident that the residents will appreciate these efforts, leading to a sense of fulfilment.

Germanetes pels pobres

(Supporting the eldery)

The Bell-lloc school has been collaborating for some years with “Germanetes dels Pobres”, a residence for elderly people who need special support. The goal of this activity is to spend time with older people and learn new things, which can help us see the world from a fresh perspective.

Every week, on a designated school day, three pupils, accompanied by a teacher, visit the nursing home in the morning to help the workers with the care and attention of the residents and to entertain them a little. The reason for limiting the number to three pupils is to avoid overcrowding and to minimise stress for the residents, and so that they have the attention of the pupils throughout the year.

The students who attend this activity initially talk to a resident about various topics in their lives and see the different points of view of each one. After a while, when it is their lunch break, the students proceed to serve the food so that the patients are at ease. When they have finished eating, the students can return to school to continue with their respective classes.

Banc dels aliments (Food donation)

A group of students from Bell-lloc school participated in the “Gran Recapte” campaign organized by the NGO Banc d’Aliments. This initiative aims to collect food donations from citizens at supermarkets to support individuals in need identified by social services. The students volunteered at a local supermarket, dividing into two groups to cover more of the day. They wore event bibs and explained their purpose to shoppers, collecting donated food items for several hours. As one group finished, they briefed the incoming volunteers. The experience was fulfilling, as they dedicated time and effort to help others without expecting anything in return. The student recommends participating in such solidarity activities, finding them rewarding and pride-inducing.


And the best part: there was chocolate for everyone! Imagine the joy on the children’s faces as they enjoyed a warm cup of chocolate, knowing they were contributing to such an important cause.

Every euro we raised was sent in full to the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, where they care for and treat the little warriors fighting against cancer.

In moments like these, we realize that solidarity knows no borders. Even though we are in different countries, we can all come together to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you for your support and commitment. Together, we can make a difference.

Xocolata Solidària

(Giving hot chocolate to those who need) 

Good morning, everyone,

Today, I have the honor of sharing with you a noble initiative that we have carried out at our beloved school. It’s the 6th Solidarity Hot Chocolate Event, an activity that brought together all primary school students and high school volunteers in a gesture of support for the fight against childhood cancer.

What did this beautiful action entail? On February 15th, coinciding with International Childhood Cancer Day, we organized a hot chocolate event in collaboration with the AMPA (Parents’ Association) and with the support of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona. Our goal was to raise funds for research and improvement of treatments for this disease that affects our little ones.

Participation was voluntary, but we encouraged all students to make a contribution of at least 5€. We had two options for donating:

 Handing the money to their class teacher: Many of us directly gave our contributions to the assigned teacher.

Donating directly to the AMPA: Some parents and students preferred to contribute directly to the AMPA.


Joncs (Reeds)

The Fundació Els Joncs, located in Sarrià de Ter, is a non-profit Special Education Center whose main purpose is the search for the full labor and social insertion of boys and girls with intellectual disabilities, with a special concern to give continuity to boys and girls who finish the schooling period.

This year the AMPA (parents association) of the school has collaborated with the money that has been collected at the Solidarity Paddle Tennis Tournament of this year, and the students of 1st ESO have collaborated especially with the tasks of maintaining the school.
especially with the tasks of maintenance, kitchen, cleaning, exercises, among others.
During one of the trimesters of the 1st ESO STEAM (Technology) course, the students worked on the SOLIDARIA project. The objective is to learn the process of manufacturing different simple objects with a solidarity purpose. On the day of the musical it is put on sale at the charity shop, and the profits will be donated to the Fundació Els Joncs.


In order for the students to get to know the work of the Foundation better and learn more about it day by day, we have foreseen that the students of 1st ESO B will make a morning visit on February 23rd to the headquarters of the Joncs Foundation, in Sarrià de Ter.

Volunteering in Cameroon: Building a Better Future

Good morning everyone,
Today I would like to share with you an inspiring experience: volunteering in Cameroon. This African country, with its rich diversity of landscapes and cultures, offers a unique opportunity for those who want to make a difference.

What is volunteering in Cameroon?
It is a programme that allows people from all over the world to contribute to meaningful projects in areas such as education, conservation and health care.
Our focus is on building a school for local children.

How does it work?
Volunteers raise funds for their trip and immerse themselves in the local community.
In the mornings, they work on building the school, erecting walls, painting classrooms and creating a safe space for learning.
In the afternoons, they interact with the children, teach English and share unforgettable moments.

Why is it important?
Education is the foundation for a better future. By building this school, we are providing opportunities for children who otherwise would not have access to quality education.
In addition, by living and working alongside the local community, we learn about their traditions, challenges and hopes.



What impact can we make?
We are not just building a building, we are building lasting relationships.
We are sowing seeds of change and empowering future generations.

In short, volunteering in Cameroon is not just about bricks and mortar, but about building a future full of possibilities. Thank your for listening and considering joining this noble cause!



Thanks to everyone for their presence there, and it is hoped that this project has been the beginning of a lasting collaboration.

Astrid 21 (Empowering Individuals: Astrid 21’s Disability Support)

During this course, the students have dedicated themselves to community service, offering their time and effort to organize and lead various physical education activities for the students of the foundation. This experience has not only given the students the opportunity to delve into the world of volunteering, but also to experience the satisfaction of giving without expecting anything in return. Through this project, the aim has been to promote in them the spirit of community service, instilling values of solidarity and empathy.

The presence of Mr. Juli de Castro, project coordinator, has been crucial in ensuring that each activity is carried out efficiently and meaningfully. Additionally, Mrs. Pilar Albareda, director of the Astrid 21 Foundation, has been a key figure in the realization of this collaboration.

It is hoped that this initiative has not only benefited the students of the Astrid 21 Foundation, but also the students themselves. By being involved in community service, the young people will have developed leadership, teamwork, and empathy skills, which will be valuable in their personal and academic growth.