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Diary 1

17/10/2023 – Estanys of Sils, Girona, Spain

Voters: Volunteers from Schools presented us a great variety of activities in our Student Exchange program. One of these volunteering activities let us “have a taste” of how it feels to be helpful while also having lots of fun. One of the activities that we engaged in really helped us understand what volunteering is all about, also reminding us the importance of teamwork, and we reported it in this diary.

17/10/2023 – Estanys of Sils, Girona, Spain

Today we have had a fantastic experience at Estanys of Sils, in Girona, with Fundació Emys.

When we got there, a member of the foundation greeted us and explained to us what the activity was about and sorted us into groups.





At the end of the breeding season, they check them and see if they need cleaning or repairing, and that’s what we helped with.



Unfortunately, in that area, birds have trouble birding their nests because the trees are too young and unstable, so the association built wooden boxes and hung them on trees as a sturdy and secure refuge.




During the activity, we reported our work on a record sheet provided to us with the tools.





The foundation provided each group with a set of the necessary tools.


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Diary 2

17/10/2023 – Estanys of Sils, Girona, Spain


During our visit in Girona we had the opportunity to participate in a volunteering project, which took place in estanys de sils, a beautiful forest. In this project we collaborated with an association called “fundacio emys”, which aims to conserve Catalonian wildlife.



For the activity, they divided us in six different groups which consisted of Greek, Italian and Spanish students. After giving us directions, the instructors showed us, by a demonstration, how to correctly do the work. Using the map and carrying the materials given, we set off to find our assigned nests.

When we finally located the nest we realised it had fallen on the ground. As a result after cleaning, sanitizing it and collecting samples we had to repair its metallic hook. It wasn´t easy, but by joining our forces we managed to add the new hook and eventually hang it on the tree once again.


Our task working with the foundation was to clean and repair if needed bird nests after the mating season. We also had to collect samples, like broken eggs and feathers found inside of the nests. These samples would later be analysed by experts to further their knowledge on bird behaviour.


The second nest was easier and we even found some eggs! Hanging it was a bit tricky but with team work we successfully managed to do it.


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